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  • A quantum leap from the traditional web site design, delivered with style!

    Simon Cattle, ABSSAC Ltd

  • Thank you for a super site build that my fudge deserves!

    Ruby Williams, Ruby's Fudge

    Ruby's FudgeRuby's FudgeRuby's Fudge
  • Re-branded Business Website. Restoring Glory's owner was looking to re-brand his business and develop a new website.

    Restoring GloryRestoring GloryRestoring GloryRestoring Glory
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Boost Your Web Presence With SEO

Search Engine Optimisation aims to boost your position in the search results that are relevant to you and the products or services you sell.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

We usually talk about two distinct types of SEO:

On-page SEO - This covers optimising the content and pages on your website, as well as factors such as the website speed and performance which many overlook.

Off-page SEO - You and your brand's promotion around the web, such as who links to your website and your social media.

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Our SEO Services

Websites we build are built with optimisation in mind and much of this will be automatically covered. We also offer features to customise your SEO and our hosting and content management is optimised to improve the performance of websites we build.

SEO to give you the edge

If you have specific needs or are in a challenging and competitive industry we can also offer an enhanced service to give you the edge.

This may be as simple as reviewing your content and the structure and optimisation of your website. We may also advise on additional features that can improve your web presence, and offer tips on what you may want to handle yourselves.

We can also offer help with marketing across the web and setup/run advertising campaigns for you.

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