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Visual Confirmation Guide

Q. What do I have to do?

A. Please enter the letters and numbers as you see them in the picture.

Q. I am having difficulty reading this code, what can i do?

A. Refreshing the page will generate a new code. A range of fonts and colours are used to help the visually impaired. If you are still having difficulties please use an alternative form of contact, or email using your email software if the address is known. If the form you are using is on one of our client's web sites, feel free to email us at info@bluefusionweb.co.uk and we can pass on contact details to you.

Q. What is Visual Confirmation and what is it for?

A. Visual Confirmation is a method of spam prevention, where a code is used within an image, and the user has to input this code to proceed with submitting a web based form. Visual Confirmation is extremely useful on websites to prevent spam via email and comment forms. Our Visual Confirmation system has eliminated all spam sent using the forms we have installed it on. We have researched methods commonly used to thwart such systems, and tailored it so that it is extremely difficult for "bots" used by spammers to read the text on the image. By ensuring all elements within the image are randomly produced, including various instances of image "noise", the image provided is always unique.

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