Furry Flyers: Get Advice for Healthy Pet Travel

Friday 15th November 2013
Furry Flyers: Get Advice for Healthy Pet Travel

Today we're pleased to annouce the launch of the travelling pets advice map for ESCCAP (European Scientific Counsel Companion Animal Parasites). The interactive map offers advice to pet owners travelling with their dog across Europe. Each country ESCCAP covers can be clicked, where the map then focuses on regions/provinces within that country where the conditions differ. Pet owners can click on the region(s) they're visiting to receive specific advice on the possible threats to their pets well-being; and preventive treatment their pet should receive to protect them.

It's a project that those involved across the ESCCAP organisation have worked extremely hard on. We're glad to work along side such great people to build a back-end CMS system and front-end map that realised their vision and helped them achieve a great result.

Please click here to see the interactive map in action!

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