A more commerce driven homepage

Friday 6th September 2013
A more commerce driven homepage

We recently did some extensive work on the White Ensign models website to restructure their product range and redesign their homepage which now sites proudly as the storefront of their website. The new homepage highlights new products and items that are on sale to appeal to their well established customer base and new customers alike. The aim of the updates and website re-shuffle was to make their large range of products more accessible from the homepage and menu, easier to browse through, and quicker to find by narrowing down what the customer is looking for.

The feedback for the updates from customers and the website owners has been fantastic; and it was again a great pleasure to work alongside a client to achieve their goals, make positive changes to their business, and increase sales.

To see the updates in action visit www.whiteensignmodels.com

White Ensign Models Homepage

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